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Antivirus for Android
With research and experise in Android environment and malware analysis, AegisLab publishs our tool for Android user to protect their asset and prevent from malwares like trojan, spyware, ADware and so on. Our solution is dedicately designed for mobile devices and with little overhead but have high detection coverage.
AegisLab Antivirus Free for Android Get it on Google Play

AegisLab Antivirus Free for Android solution (previously known as AppScan Beta) is a FREE security tool for Android user. It can scan the installed packages on your devices and disclose the risk information to device users. Besides, it also provides a network usage summary page for user to figure out applications who consumes network bandwidth most. It has been downloaded more then 100,000 in Google market.

AegisLab Antivirus Premium for Android Get it on Google Play
AegisLab Antivirus Premium for Android solution provides a powerful scanning mechanism and comprehensive database to protect users on Android platform, includes anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ads, anti-phishing (SMS filtering), APP analysis (risk alarm). It also supports device lock and info wipe (erase info remotely) to protect your personal asset and to prevent leakage of personal information.Thus, AegisLab Antivirus Premium for Android protects not only the cyberthreat, but also personal privacy.

Security Consultant Service for Android App-Stores
With continuous efforts in mobile security development, AegisLab can also provide security consultant services to App-Store, such as event analysis to specific malware threat or other broadly infection in mobile world.

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