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SN-2012-13003 Android FTPServer 1.9.0 STOR Command File Name Handling Remote Overflow DoS Vulnerability
FTPServer is a simple & free FTP Server to transfer files to/from an Android device with a FTP client. A remote overflow vulnerability has been identified in andreasliebigapps FTPServer 1.9.0....
SN-2012-12002 Cisco Linksys WVC200 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera PlayerPT Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Cisco Linksys WVC200 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera PlayerPT ActiveX control (PlayerPT.ocx) suffers from a sprintf buffer overflow vulnerability, because the application fails to perform adequate boundary checks on user-supplied data....
SN-2012-12001 Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) Use-After-Free Vulnerability
The Remote Desktop Protocol is used by the \"Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services\" and works at kernel level on port 3389. The first vulnerability would lead to the access of a deleted or improperly initialized object in memory....
TN-2012-08001 Lionic AppGuard can block Mobile App (via WiFi)
2012-02-17 is the official mobile app of the NBA. It features 50+ new video highlights per day and access to live and on-demand games through League Pass or Team Pass (blackouts may apply). The mobile app also includes photos, scores and stats. With the mobile app, you get the best of the NBA where ever you are!...
2011-12-29 Lionic AegisLab 2012 Security Threat Predictions
Happy new year to Lionic AegisLab fans. As Santa is just leaving and 2012 is coming, no matter whether it\'s end of time or end of the world next year, we have to survive on the Internet :-)
SN-2011-50025 Hewlett-Packard Printers and Scanner Devices Allow Remote Firmware Updates Vulnerability
The Remote Firmware Update (RFU) feature is enabled by default. A firmware update can be sent remotely to port 9100 without authentication. This could allow unauthorized modification of the device firmware....
SN-2011-49024 NJStart Communicator MiniSmtp Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
A Stack-based buffer overflow was reported in NJStar Communicator MiniSmtp version 3.0.11818. Other versions may also be affected. Exploit code for this vulnerability is publicly available. A specially crafted packet can be used to trigger this vulnerability....
SN-2011-48023 Cogent DataHub Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
A stack based unicode buffer overflow issue has been identified in Cogent DataHub and earlier....
SN-2011-47022 FreeWebshop 2.2.9 R2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Security researcher EgiX has discovered a vulnerability in FreeWebShop, which can be exploited by remote attacker to execute arbitrary PHP code...
TN-2011-45005 Lionic AppGuard can block Skype 5.0+
Lionic AppGuard signature database can prevent the use of Skype since 19/10/2011 1. Enabled block IM / Skype in AppGuard. 2. Enabled block Common / Fake HTTP in AppGuard. 3. Setting Firewall rule to deny TCP destination ports from 1024 to 65535...
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