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Security Alert 2011-03-10: Fake10086 (alias Android.Bgserv) Comes with Fake Google Security Tool
In few days ago, Google released \"Android Market Security Tool\" that intented to recovery devices from the modification made by \"DroidDream\" trojans. This tool was automatically deliver to devices of users who had downloaded and installed infected applications...
Security Alert 2011-03-04: Yet Another Repackaged Trojan "Fake10086" Leaks User Privacy
10086 is a customer service portal for ChinaMobile users, they can use web page, SMS, phone call to get access to the service. There are 3rd party that published Android application called chinamobile100 to help user to utilize SMS (in most cases, are free) to query the bill, GPRS network traffic volume, trun on/off roaming and and so on...
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