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Security Alert 2011-12-02: SQL Injection Attack Again!
Per ISC diary, SQL injection attack against ASP website and MSSQL are happening. We can find the following string embedded in the web page of victim sites...
Security Alert 2011-10-24: Eyewonder Ad Network Exposes XSS Vulnerability
According to security blogger David Lynch (http://, he has found a severe XSS vulnerability in Eyewonder Ad Network, including CNN, NY Times and Fox News involved in this vulnerability...
Security Alert 2011-09-29: AegisLab killed Kelihos (a.k.a Waledac 2.0) variant viruses
AegisLab has released several signatures related to Kelihos or Waledac, we advise our customers to update the latest signatures for safely exploring the world :-)...
Security Alert 2011-07-01: Backdoor.Phanta (a.k.a Trojan.Popureb) variant may cause your computer crashed!
Per Microsoft Protection Center\'s report, a variant of Backdoor.Phanta (a.k.a Trojan:Win32/Popureb.E(MS), (Kaspersky), Suspicious.Emit (Symantec)) will inject some malicious codes to MBR(Master Boot Record) and protect it from being modified. At worst case, you must recover Windows to last clean state, even have to format hard disk...
Security Alert 2011-06-01: Deja vu! Analysis of New Android Malware "DroidDreamLight"
The DroidDream Light repackages popular applications with its malicious code (com.passionteam.lightdd), called \"ddlight\" for short as below. \"ddlight\" adds a reveiver and a service to execute its malicious code to collect information of user\'s mobile devices, and then send to remote server...
Security Alert 2011-05-26: Fake VirusTotal Site Serving Trojan
Per hpHosts blog, a fake VirusTotal site is serving trojans and fake av. The fake VirusTotal domain name is \"\"(was suspedned by registrar), once innocent people get into the website, they will be redirected to the following site and forced to download the malicious file...
Security Alert 2011-05-23: "LavenderCottage" Contains BlackHat SEO Posioned Pages
AegisLab has found that \"\"contains massive BlackHat SEO poisoned pages which include many famous people name in order to reach top ranking on google searching result and these pages are hiding in the bottom of frontpage...
Security Alert 2011-05-23: Drive-By-Download Site "EZSAVING"
AegisLab has found that \"\" contains a drive-by-download page(Figure 1). Once innocent people visited this page, they will be forced to download the malicious file. the analysis is as following...
Security Alert 2011-05-11: New SMS Trojan "zsone" was Took Away from Google Market
AegisLab found that the apps published by \"zsone\" were embedded with following code segments (or similar ones) to send SMS in the background to subscribe some paid service at some point after the app was launched. Usersmay be charged for this unknown subscription...
Security Alert 2011-05-04: Another Drive-By-Download Site "Gk99"
AegisLab has found that www.GK99.COM.TW was hacked and injected with malicious files since the end of February. The file name was changed but content keeps remained. Most URL filters are not blocking the following links...
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