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Security Alert 2012-02-24: Facebook Malicious Web Links Masquerades as Pictures Links
According to the data collected by AegisLab, from this Feburary, there are malicious web links which want to pretend as Facebook image links with naming like \"hxxp://\". The user might be not awared, then clicked and installed....
Product News 2012-02-20: AegisLab Antivirus Free v1.0.5 is Available Now
We are glad to announce the new version 1.0.5 of AegisLab Antivirus Free is available on Google Android Market right now. In this version, two new features are provided....
Security Alert 2012-02-10: Android RootSmart Botnet Appears!
According to Xuxian Jiang and Symantec report, a botnet contains hundreds of thousands Android devices appears. An Android malware called \"RootSmart\" trojaned itself as a system tool apk...
Activity: Visit AegisLab/Lionic at RSA 2012, booth #2722
The RSA 2012 will be held in San Francisco during 27th Feb. to 2nd Mar. 2012. We are preparing ourselves to deliver the demos, giveaways and our enthusiasm. We are looking forward to this great show...
Security Alert 2012-01-20: RuFraud analysis updated
On execution, RuFraud will check the country code in SIM card (figure 1&2). If matched, it will send premium-rate SMS after you click the \"Next\" button...
Security Alert 2012-01-19: Watch out the Premium-rate SMS Trojans!
Recently, AegisLab found there are several variants of premium rate SMS trojans called “OpFake(a.k.a FakeNotify)” and “RuFraud”. These two kinds of trojans mainly target on users in Russia Federation and European countries...
Security Alert 2012-01-12: DOM-based XSS in
@bulkneets found an interesting DOM-based XSS in (!/bulkneets/status/156620076160786432 )...
General 2012-01-11: Global Domain Distribution of Malicious URLs in 2011
Per 2011 AegisLab statistics, we have found 163,769 all new malicious URLs, about 38.05% are download sites and the other 61.95% are hopping sites(incl. BlackHat SEO)...
General 2012-01-11: Distribution of Malware Types in 2011
In 2011, AegisLab found over 14 million unique malwares wordl-wide, most are Trojan types, the ranking #2 is packed/encrypted malwares and the 3rd is porn malwares...
Security Alert 2012-01-02: Mass SQL Injection Attack! (updated)
As we told you in \"Security Alert 2011-12-02  SQL Injection Attack Again!\", the infected pages/sites are increasing dramatically to 2 million! Please  watch out whether your site is infected or not, you can use Google to search your site by the keyword(<script sr c=\"hxxp://\">)
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