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Security Alert 2012-05-21: Do you know how many similar Facebook domains in Alexa top 1M ?
Congratulation to Facebook IPO success. But recently AegisLab found there are 35 sites their domains are similar to as below, their ranking in Alexa achieved top 1M:...
Security Alert 2012-05-15: Twitter Spam Lead to Android Fake Antivirus
According to GFI Lab\'s blog titled \"New Twitter Spam Run Leads to Android Rogue AV\", the download site serves a Jar file or an APK file depends on user agent. Further analysis discovered, the download site also trys to serve the same APK with different file hash value each time....
Security Alert 2012-05-14: Android Malware Distribution in RU Domain
TrendMicro found a RU(Russia) domain contain fake Flash Player for Android three days ago. Further tracking the similar web sites, AegisLab found it\'s a systemantic malware distribution. The malware writers collabrate/setup some blogs to advertise those APP domain and dedicated web pages. The APP domains are:...
Security Alert 2012-05-08: Fake Antivirus Apps Come Again!
Remember the Chinese security blog [2012-04-19 Fake NQ Mobile in Google Play] we published before, the same developer thasnimola issues 15+ Apps (including fake AV and fake free SMS) in Google Play again!...
Product News 2012-05-02: AegisLab URL Category Service Collects more than 100M URLs
We are glad to announce that the number of collected & classified URLs in our URL category service is more than 100,000,000 and grows up very quicky....
Product News 2012-04-27: AegisLab Application Guard Solution can Detect & Block "Line" Application in Mobile Phone
LINE provides FREE messenger and VoIP services on 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Users do not have to pay for these services. ...
Security Alert 2012-04-27: Massive SQL Injections Strike Back
In last December we had a security alert about SQL injection directs to \"\", and in the January of this year we also gave a warning about 2M websites are tampered. Several months passed, the ISC SANS discovered another massive wave of SQL injection attacks as following figure....
Security Alert 2012-03-16: Fake Android Market Serves Malware
As disclosed in newsgroup, there are several sites masquerades as Android Market which put some popular Apps to lure users to install those malicious Apps....
Product News 2012-03-16: AegisLab Antivirus Free Now is Available in Amazon Appstore
We are glad to announce the AegisLab Antivirus Free now is freely available in Amazon Appstore. Amazon users can download this superior anti-malware solution which offers high detection rate and fine granularity APP classification like Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Porn and Violence. It also fully supports 14 languages....
Product News 2012-03-09: Recent Benchmark Results for AegisLab Antivirus
Recently several independent testing organzinations conducted Android anti-malware tests, and included AegisLab Antivirus solution as one of solutions under test. Here, we give some summary of the result and our feedback....
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