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Security Alert 2012-07-26: Fake Adobe Flash Player Lures Android Users to Install
AegisLab discovered a fake Adobe Flash Player app in 3rd party market in Russia. Actually, it\'s a variant of FakeInst (aka OpFake, SMSSend or TrojanSMS) which tricks victim to download and install it, then send SMS to premium-rate number....
Security Alert 2012-07-24: Another Google Service: File Search?
AegisLab discovered a russian website called \"\" which has a google style look(Figure 1). But actually it\'s not an official google service, it\'s a premium-rate SMS scam website....
Security Alert 2012-07-20: Analyze the 2nd stage infection (Activator.apk) of Malicious
Last week, AegisLab published「Security Alert 2012-07-12: Malicious \"Super Mario Bros.\" App in Google Play」, we mentioned that the 2nd stage infection is trying to download a apk - called \"Activator.apk\", the snippet code is listed as below marked as red color...
Security Alert 2012-07-12: Malicious "Super Mario Bros." App in Google Play
According to Symantec and F-Secure blogs, malicious \"Super Mario Bros.\" app appears in Google Play for several days. It looks like a action game, but after installation completed, you will see icon display \"Mario HD Wallpaper\" as in Figure 2....
Security Alert 2012-07-12: Facebook URL Hijacking (updated)
Remember the security alert we published before:「Security Alert 2012-05-29: Facebook URL Hijacking」, AegisLab discovered the website style in and look more similar as FB official website as in Figure 1....
Security Alert 2012-07-06: "Find and Call" Trojan App Both on Google Play and Apple App Store
Yesterday Kaspersky Lab found a trojan app both on Google Play and Apple App Store, it\'s called \"Find and Call\" (Figure 1)。After installation, if you have SIM card on your phone, it will tell you to input phone number to register; if there is no SIM card but Wifi is available, it will tell you to input e-mail address to register (Figure 2)....
Security Alert 2012-06-18: Google URL Hijacking
As we published before Security Alert: Facebook URL Hijacking, AegisLab found Google is also the famous target for URL hijacking. 2 URls look like Google domain as listed below:...
Security Alert 2012-05-31: New Cyber-Attack Flame Spreads in Middle Eastern Government
A new cyber attack worm called \"Flame\" is spreading in Middle Eastern government, AegisLab has collected several Flame or Skywiper virus samples. For preventing from being attacked, we advice our customers remember to update the latest signatures....
Security Alert 2012-05-24: TheWikiBoat Launch OpBayBack DDoS Attack to BPI
AegisLab discovered the new hacking group TheWikiBoat is launching DDoS attack to BPI (The British Recorded Music Industry) because of anti-ACTA....
Security Alert 2012-05-23: Backdoor on ZTE Score M?
According to pastebin paste data, there is a setuid-root application at /system/bin/sync_agent that serves no function besides providing a root shell backdoor on ZTE Score M, which is an Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) phone available in the United States on MetroPCS, made by Chinese telecom ZTE Corporation....
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