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Security Alert 2013-02-22: Malicious Chrome extensions
Following previous post, we have found some malicious extensions in Chrome browser to turn Likes into real results on Facebook....
Security Alert 2013-02-06: Watch out for Facebook video link
The malicious extension will collect your contacts in facebook and add to fans, and then spreads malicious links to them....
Security Alert 2012-11-30: webserver got compromised! Attacker injected malicious code in Piwik 1.9.2
2012-11-30 webserver got compromised by an attacker on 2012 Nov 26th, this attacker added a malicious code in the Piwik 1.9.2 Zip file for a few hours....
Security Alert 2012-11-16: XSS flaw was reported in
An Indian security researcher Shubham Upadhyay aka Cyb3R_Shubh4M, reported a new permanent XSS affecting the products listings on AegisLab also test again immediately, so far, this vulnerability is currently unfixed!!...
Security Alert 2012-11-12: "djia finance" Blackhat SEO Poisoning by Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0
AgeisLab found a URL: was posioned by Blackhat SEO......
Security Alert 2012-09-20: ZeroAccess botnet infects over 9 million PCs
Unlike Flame and Stuxnet, ZeroAccess botnet is not that famous, but yes it may be even more harmful that the former two owing to the fact that it continues to infect over 9 million PCs......
Security Alert 2012-08-10: New Virus XDocCrypt/Dorifel Strikes NL Government
According to Fox-IT International blog, a new virus called \"XDocCrypt/Dorifel\" will search MS Word file on victim computer and encrypt it by RC4 (Figure 1). ...
Security Alert 2012-08-08: Massive Drive-by Download Attacks on Mail.htm and Upload.htm
AegisLab discovered many \"mail.htm\" were trojanized by drive-by download attack with embedded \"iframe\". By now, there are 311 victim websites and increasing....
Security Alert 2012-08-01: Fake Olympic Mobile Games on Russian Android Markets
While the official olympic mobiles games are released (Figure 1) in July, hackers are aggressive to use the hot topic to trick people. Recently, AegisLab found fake olympic mobile games are on several russian android markets....
Security Alert 2012-07-30: Fake AV Tricks Victims as Adobe Update
Last week, AegisLab found a strange domain name: hxxp:// Does it look like an official Adobe domain name ?! Actually it\'s not! It\'s registered by attacker in order to trick victim to download malicious program....
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